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Mortgage Reduction

Do you have sleepless nights about paying off your mortgage?

Are you feeling the weight and burden of paying your mortgage off for the next 20-30 years?

By taking on board just a few simple strategies, you can reduce your mortgage term by sometimes up to half!

We can show you how to do this giving you that peace of mind to focus on the things you look forward to having in the future.

Property Investment

We help everyday families take that first step into getting on the investment property ladder.

We offer help and advice taking into account your financial goals and objectives to tailor a package just for you.

We can show you how to invest in the areas we feel will have the most growth and potential so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your investment is not only working for you to give you more money now, it will also give you a brighter more secure future.

We will assist in giving you the knowledge to invest not just in one property but provide you with strategic advice to building a property portfolio.

Retirement Planning

Today, unfortunately, many hard-working Australians are still on the back foot financially.

So many people are stuck in the routine of working hard to receive their salary, saving as much as they can and paying into their super. Little do they know, the super they are relying on will not be enough to sustain their lifestyle.

We want to empower you in order that you are in a position to have financial freedom, giving you peace of mind, so that you can then focus on the pleasures life can give you today.

Tax Strategies

Many people now do their own tax online. Many accountants charge a fee for basically doing the same thing that you could do yourself.

Implementing a good strategy can save you $1000’s. Did you know tax variation is just one of the ways to claim your tax back on a weekly basis? This gives you access to more of your tax dollars now so you can make your money work for you.

Talk to us today to ask what other services we offer to reduce your tax.

Manifesting Wealth

We want to empower you to financial freedom.

We all have goals, dreams and desires. We can unblock where you are stuck, to help you move towards these goals.

Blockages can build up over time, usually stemming from childhood, which can hold us back from achieving success, money or relationships. These blockages stop us moving forward in life and we can feel like nothing is changing and we are going in circles.

However, we all have a choice to change and to get past this, by unlocking these keys, you free yourself up to receiving the life you are dreaming of.

The choice is up to you. Do you want to step forward to secure yourself financially or stay where you are? Life is just a matter of choices.


Our experienced team are on hand with tips to help you put a budget in place to minimise your outgoing expenses to save you the maximum amount per week/month for you to achieve your financial goals.

It is surprising how much we actually spend when it comes to little things, e.g. a daily coffee, and shopping for unnecessary items.

We can help view your finances from another perspective to give you more options going forward.

Looking to understand your options?

We offer a FREE service to evaluate your current position and help you determine whether you are in a position to take advantage of our Mortgage Reduction, Retirement, Tax or Property Investment Strategies.

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About Us

At FS Group we want to empower you to get into a position where you have financial freedom.

Secure your Future Today

Going from sleepless nights concerned about where the next penny is coming from, to creating wealth for yourself today and long into the future.

You need peace of mind for a comfortable and secure future.

At FS Group we are:

  Our vast experience and proven results speak for themselves
  It can be a struggle today to find ethical companies who will listen to your needs and serve you
  Our friendly staff are on hand to assist with any queries you may have
  We will make sure that whatever strategy we suggest will be within your comfort zone.


Unfortunately, many Australians are still on the back foot financially. We want to help you create wealth for yourself now and secure your family in the long term.

With Interest rates at an all time low, along with the rental income and tax breaks for investment property, there is no time like the present to create a positive cash income from your investment of around $400 per month. With a 5 year rental guarantee.

  • Have you wanted to make more money now?
  • Worried you won’t have enough super to retire on?
  • Do you want to look after your kids when they start their own journey?
  • Have you wanted to invest in property but don’t know where to start?

This is where we come in. We can show you how this is possible.

We take the headache out of it for you. We guide from start to finish and for the life of the Investment.

Person to person, no special gimmicks or secrets, we guide you each step of your journey.

Click the link to download the eBook or book an appointment with us and find out more about how to get started with your investment portfolio.

Create wealth today and secure your tomorrow.

Our Team

FS Group has a highly trained team on hand ready with expert guidance, to help everyday Australians achieve peace of mind for a secure future.

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Debbie Hewett

Business Development Manager

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We offer advice and guidance on where to start with your Investment property journey to Empower you to Financial Freedom!

Secure your Future and create Wealth NOW!

With Interest rates at an all-time low, along with the rental income and tax breaks for investment property, there is no time like the present to create a positive cash income from your investment of around $400 a month, with a rental guarantee for 5 years.

Are you fed up losing sleepless nights about your financial future?
Would you like financial stability for yourself and your family?
Would you love more income now?
Are you are ready to take the leap to financial freedom?

We provide helpful tips and strategies to guide you along each step of the way to help you achieve your financial dreams.

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We have been helping everyday Australians reduce their debts and secure their financial futures for over a decade, and understand that everyone has individual circumstances that need to be considered.

Here’s a selection of what some of our clients have to say;